Where in the world can your products be activated, is there any regional restrictions? ?

No, there are no regional restrictions when it comes to windows and office software, it can be used and activated anywhere in the world.

Is your software genuine from Microsoft??

Yes, our software is genuine from Microsoft.

Can your software be used on my local language?

Yes it can, our products are supported by multi-language installations files, you just need to download setup for your language.

How Will I receive download link and product key if I order a product? ?

We will send you download link and product key to your Email box, after your payment is confirmed.

I placed an order, but I have not received download link and product key. What should I do? ?

Usually, we will deliver download link and product key to your Email box within 10 seconds to 1 Min after we receive your order, so please check if you left a correct Email address first. And, please check Spam/Junk folder if you didn't receive items in time. Rarely we will delay delivery, because sometimes the product is out of stock, and we need several hours to get it in stock from Microsoft. You can contact us via email support@premiumlicence.com or by live chat Whatsapp

Can I make payment via Credit Card? ?

Yes you can, we accept payment via all major credit card providers

Can I make payment via PayPal?

Yes, if you don't want to use Credit Card, or your payment via Credit Card failed, you can use our PayPal express checkout to make your order.

What should I do? If the product key you sent to me can't activate the software?

  1. Please make sure the software on your PC is downloaded from us.
  2. Please make sure you have installed correct version of software you have purchased (check for versions, example: Windows can be installed as N, Pro, Home, Enterprise, before you buy check the version of software, and then purchase same version you have)
  3. Please first remove any older versions of software (Office packages) when you want to install software you purchased from us
  4. If the steps above you have done, and the product key can't work still, please take a screenshot of the error message and your system page screen, and sent it to us by Email, or live chat and we will check the issue and help you solve it as fast we can

What to do, if the download link you sent expired?

The official standard download link of our software is permanently valid, if it has expired when you use it, please contact us for a new link, and we will also send you a download link on our server

How many machines is one license key for?

Usually One license for One PC, unless stated otherwise in the product description

I have downloaded and purchased software from you, on how many machines can i install with this download. example i have three machines.

You just need to download one time and copy the setup so that you can use it on different computers. but one license key can activate one installation.in your mentioned case, for you to activate 3 installations on three machines, you need to purchase three licenses

Is your software compatible with 32Bit and 64Bit versions?

Yes it is, you can install and activate either 32bit or 64Bit versions of software.

Are all of your products a digital version? If I want hard copy. What should I do?

All the product we offer are digital versions only, we do not ship anything physically, and we do not sell Boxed versions of software

After I make the order, how long do i have to wait to receive the link and the license key?

We ship our orders within 3 seconds to 1 minutes, if you have not received it by that time please contact us via email or live chat, and we will help you with your order

I'm looking for my Product Key from a recent purchase.

All the licenses and download links are sent to the email used on the purchase, all you have to do is go back to the date you purchased it on your email, and find it there.

I have a question about how to use my Microsoft Product, I have gotten a little trouble in installing a Microsoft Product.

If you have questions or some challenges with installing your Microsoft Product, we suggest you mail us or use our live chat each day from 09.00 to 23.30h 

I have not yet received my email confirmation /invoice after purchasing my Microsoft product.

Please be sure you have looked in your inbox and your junk mail folder as a first step for the email confirmation for the account you used. invoice can be found via link on the confirmation email